*We need a Senior Summit Developer.*

Security Clearance           *None*

Job Type                              *Contract*

ZIP Code                              *20433   (WASHINGTON, District of

Start Date                           *08-24-2010*

End Date                            *06-24-2011*

* *


*Goals and Responsibilities:*

* *

The current Summit installation utilizes a partially-automated fax interface
to transmit custom-built trade tickets to the custodian to facilitate
settlement and accounting activities. Messaging infrastructure solutions
have been evaluated, and a solution comprising of SWIFT messages and flat
files to be transmitted to the custodian has been chosen to replace the
current fax interface.

The SSP role is to work along with the Summit Business Analyst (BA) to
architect, design, implement and test a solution to automate the
transmission of SWIFT messages and flat files for all trade/event types from
Summit to the custodian.

The SSP will work with the BA, the Business User Community, and other
internal IT resources, as well as interface with personnel from the
Custodians technical team in accomplishing the objectives above.

The BA will work under the direction of the CBI Project Manager for this IT

A limited amount of travel will be required for meetings with the Custodian


The SSP will design the changes to the SDL programs, and create detailed
lower level design documentation, including a traceability matrix from
Business Requirements to Functional Requirements to Lower Level Design
artifacts, which will be used to create detailed test cases. The analysis
and design will ensure minimum disruptions to the current business
processes, and ensure that all the different trade scenarios are handled for
all trade/event types.

The SSP will implement modifications to the SDL programs that create the
SWIFT messages for transmission for the selected trade/event types. The SSP
will also create programs in Summit to create flat files for transmission,
and create the procedures to ensure the automation and error handling
routines for the same.

The SSP will create detailed test cases to comprehensively test the overall

The SSP will conduct unit & systems testing, and support the Business Users
during the User Acceptance Testing and Parallel runs.

The SSP will create comprehensive systems documentation.

The SSP will assist the core process modelling team in integrating the
system and process model changes into IFCs corporate process models and
appropriate Operational Procedures.

*Required Skills:*

* *

*Overall IT project experience of over 12+ years.*

In-depth experience of at least 6 years with the Summit application
specifically knowledge of the SWIFT messaging programs for fixed income
instruments, including Summit Documentation Language (SDL), Summit APIs and
C++ programming expertise.

6+ years of experience working with the trading, accounting and settlement
modules for fixed income instruments within Summit

Direct responsibility for implementation of the SWIFT messaging documents
and interfaces within the Summit application on at least two projects.

Thorough understanding of investment processing related to fixed income

Demonstrated experience with UNIX and Sybase environments.

Excellent communication and facilitation skills

Effective listening: ability to clearly document the real need not merely
the business want

Influencing:  Ability to lead the business to a solution that will meet
their true needs

Empathy: Ability to see the solution in the eyes of the customer.

Personality smart: Ability to understand the clients personal style and
match with equal style that is not threatening (e.g., to a detailed style:
provide detail, to a conceptual thinker: keep it high level).

Efficiency and discipline: Able to work on multiple tasks at the same time,
excellent planning and coordination ability.

Excellent writing/documentation skills.

Outstanding analytical skills.

Ability to quickly gain an understanding of system/business processes and
interact with mid-level business users to extract business process details.

*If you are comfortable with the above requirement please send me matching
resumes to **na...@ajaxinfotech.com* <na...@ajaxinfotech.com>*  along with
the below details. *

* *

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5. Current Location -

6. Availability -

7. Work status-

8. Relocation issue if any –

9. Skill summary -


Thanks & Regards,

Ajax Infotech
Contact: 314-266-3623
Email: na...@ajaxinfotech.com

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