This is Tom here.

I got your information from job portals. and I am contacting you as we have
an opening for the following position. Below are the full job details and I
would like to discuss this position with you. Please let me know your best
contact number with a time to reach you. Also please send me a copy of your
resume in word format.

*Title          : Java Angular Developer*

*Location  : Richmond, VA*

*Duration : 12+ Months*

*9 + Years’ Experience is required*

*Solid experience with Angular*



·         *Common*

·          Understand javascript functions, objects, promises, variable

·         Understand HTML/HTML5 elements and basic knowledge in CSS3.

·         Javascript debugging skills. (using external plugins)

·         Understand JSON data and REST service pattern for single page


·         Understand Angular coding skills for > v1.3. (available in
angular documentation)

·         Creating controllers/directives/filters to support modularized

·         How to use model in controllers/directives and bind data.

·         Dependency injection pattern.

·         Understand when to develop service vs provider vs factory.

·         Communication between different angular elements

·         Call REST services through angular.

·         Handle multiple REST calls without blocking the UI (usage of
promises and update UI elements appropriately)

·         Unit testing with karma and jasmine (or other javascript unit
testing framework) for controllers/directives/services.

*Optional / Nice to have:*


·         Ability to understand RequireJs AMD loading and integrating with

·         Understand grunt or gulp build tools.

·         Ability to use npm/bower package managers.

·          Who does NOT think with JQuery approach for DOM manipulation.
(Developer needs to have JQuery knowledge but does not use it for DOM
manipulation in angular app)


·         Knowledge in extending angular-ui-bootstrap or other angular
external components freely available. Or creating new custom components.

·          Quickly understand 3rd party angularjs code.

·         Skills to create custom animations (using JQuery animation)

·         Understand how scope(model) works globally/privately in

·         Knowledge on creating controllers and support single page routing
through angular.

Thanks & Regards

Tom Martin

*Metasis* *Information Systems*

*Email: tmar...@metasisinfo.com <tmar...@metasisinfo.com>*

*URL: www.metasisinfo.com <http://www.metasisinfo.com>*

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