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Title: Business Analyst
Location: Midtown, NYC
Type of position: Contract 6 month ongoing

*REPLY ME ON:adam.sm...@otbtalent.com <on%3aadam.sm...@otbtalent.com>*

Job Description
With the Volunteer Systems – Data Readiness Team
Services:  Perform the following Services
        I.            Council Support: Provide high quality council support
as they prepare their membership data for migration to Salesforce.
1.       Support Councils during their data readiness and onboarding
process, including conducting Data Prep 1:1 Meetings with councils to
understand their current usage and structuring of their

legacy membership system.
2.       Develop individualized project plans for councils, with dates,
tasks, deliverables, specialized data support required and deadlines to be
completed or met prior to migration.
3.       Develop and execute individualized communication plans to ensure
councils stay informed and on plan.
4.       Conduct ongoing individual meetings with Councils as needed, and
respond to their real-time questions as they clean and prep their data and
complete their template deliverables.
5.       Identify and escalate ‘red flag’ Councils that are not progressing
through the data readiness process as they should – measured in terms of
improvements to their data cleanliness and

preparations – and develop ‘get well plans for supported improvement.
6.       Act as moderator for Migration Simulation training weeks,
answering Council questions and providing support as they work through
their training exercises.
7.       Contribute to the development of a shared knowledge base for

      II.            Project management/task management: Oversee the
scheduling and execution data cleansing, data conversion, and related tasks
for the migration.
1.       Track and manage Council progress against their individual project
plans, including the completion of data cleansing tasks, execution of
custom scripting, submission of their template

deliverables, and completion of their migration simulation training tasks,
2.       Oversee and track the scheduling and execution of custom data
cleansing scripts by the GSUSA Data Readiness team’s DBAs on behalf of
Councils.  Coordinate on-demand scripting as

3.       Oversee special council onboarding. Track and manage all special
processes related to onboarding and preparing non-Personify Councils,
including driving the execution of CDIS files and

tracking each Council’s progress through the process.

Deliverables:  Provide the following Deliverables
        I.            Various work products as a result of above services,
including data migration documents and business analysis documents as
directed by GSUSA.
1.       Build and distribute tools for use by Councils during the Data
readiness process.
2.       Build and distribute tools for use by Councils during the
Migration process.

Must Have Skills
·         Agile methodology engineering development
·         Writing stories
·         Acceptance criteria

Adam Smith-
IT Technical Recruiter
Direct :609-935-3773 Ext 103
adam.sm...@itbtalent.com (E-Mail is the best way to reach me)
Fax : 312.582.2699
116 Village Blvd, Suite 200 - Princeton, NJ 08540

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