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*ETL DataStage Specialist* *** Healthcare Experience is must ***

*Birmingham, AL*

*Long-Term           *

*The role requires:*

·         Determining and implementing the best technique for extracting
data from a particular source system and moving it to the BI system

·         Understanding and implementation of a variety of diverse BI
acquisition techniques

·         Working closely with the ETL architect to ensure compliance with
all standards, and that the project deliverables are consistent with
long-term infrastructure plans

·         Understanding the data structure and meaning in both the source
and the target BI systems

·         Identifying and assessing data sources

·         Creating source/target mappings and apply business rules as

·         Implementing navigation methods/application

·         Designing and specifying source data detection and extraction

·         Designing and developing transformation code/logic/programs for
environment and also data transport and population processes for environment

·         Building and unit testing source data transport and population
processes for environment

·         Working with production data to monitor and report on data
conditions and quality

·         Designing data cleanup processes

·         Adapting ETL processes to accommodate changes in source systems
and new business user requirements

·         Defining and capturing metadata and rules associated with ETL

·         Coordinating with program-level ETL architect to ensure
compliance with standards and consistency with long-term infrastructure

·         Healthcare knowledge with experience in payer operations (i.e.,
claims and/or case management clinical knowledge, etc.)

·         Experience in leading/best practices in BI Development
Stand-up/Governance/Implementation in client consulting projects/engagements

·         Consulting/Client presence

·         Ability to facilitate and lead client discussions and formal

·         Moving client to best/leading BI/ETL Practice

·         Retaining reliable transportation for on-site presence to and/or
from client site

*Environment:* - IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage- Business
Intelligence (BI) tool - Tableau- RDBMS - IBM DB2

*Required experience:*

1. IBM InfoSphere DataStage and QualityStage: 8 years

2. Healthcare: 5 years



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