*This is Neha from Apetan consulting,*

*Please find the below job description and send me your update resume
matching to it along with Contact details, Current location, Visa and
Availability ASAP.*

*POSITION: Ruby Developer*

* INTERVIEW: Phone than F2F Interview*

*LOCATION: Minnesota*



*Job Overview:*

*Prescreening Questions – MUST INCLUDE TO BE CONSIDERED*

   - Please have candidate include code sample of their work to be
   considered.  Please do not send code from current or past employers.
   - Please also have candidate complete the following prescreen scenario:

Code Scenario Requirements:

Base Car Class

+ current speed (property) – default value 0

+ accelerate (method)

+ drive (method)

+ brand (property) - default value ‘unknown’

+ max speed (property) - default value 0

Camaro Car Class

+ Inherits Base Car

+ brand (property) - default value ‘Chevy’

+ max speed (property) – default value 200

Code Scenario:

In this example we will create an instance of Camaro and tell it to drive,
we will assume it’s moving in a straight line and there are no other
driving factors.  The car will accelerate until it hits its max speed.  It
is required that drive will call accelerate. It is required accelerate will
increment the current speed by 1.  Once the Camaro reaches max speed it
should stop accelerating and print that it hit the cars max speed.  The
execution of drive should then also stop.

*Business Overview:  *

*Tell me about your department:*

Dotcom – Operations

Current suite of tools in continuous development include but not limited to:

   - Custom command line applications for deployment and management tools.
   - Custom web based deployment and management portal. (Ruby)
   - Custom monitoring portal (PHP)

*Project Description:*

We are currently looking for a Ruby Developer to work on our web Automation
Tools.  The goal of our Deployment Automation projects are to provide zero
downtime deployments of all BestBuy.com Applications in the fastest,
safest, and most repeatable way for our Customers and Best Buy.  These
projects depend heavily on Ruby in an environment that doesn’t use Rails or
ActiveSupport for Process Orchestrations.

 The ideal candidate:
• Is self-directed and shared collective ownership for design decisions
• Uses the best tools for the job, be those open source or otherwise
• Comfortable in a simi-paired programming environment
• Strongly favors TDD and BDD development methodologies
• Up to date with current tools and techniques
• Comfortable working in an agile environment

Comfortable working in an Apple MacBook development environment

*Position Overview:*

*Responsibilities/Deliverables that the resource will be responsible for:*

   - Developing
   - Working in Simi-Paired Programming Environment
   - Unit testing
   - Quality Assurance of unit testing
   - Deployments
   - Work with infrastructure provisioning tools such as Chef, Vagrant,
   Kitchen, and Fog.

*What would a normal day for this position look like??*

   - Heads down developing
   - Collaboratively working with, reporting to, and taking direction from
   current Sr. Ruby Developer
   - Status update meetings

*Skills Overview:*

*What are the MUST have skills that you are looking for in a candidate?*

   1. Experienced Ruby Ninja - Writing pure ruby without Rails or
   ActiveSupport dependencies.  5+ Years Ruby Developer Experience.
   2. Strong Object Oriented Programming
   3. Experience with MVC Architectural Patterns.
   4. Experience working with and creating web services.
   5. Understanding of Client / Server Communications
   6. Experience with one of the following: OpenStack, AWS, or other Cloud
   7. Engrained understanding of Deployment Automation concepts and patterns
   8. Continuous Integration
   9. Experience with Fog gem (Bonus)
   10. Experience with Message Queuing Technologies - (Bonus)
   11. Understanding of Concurrent and Parallel programing concepts. (Bonus)
   12. Chef or Puppet (Bonus)

*What are the soft skills that you feel candidates must-have in order to be
successful in this role?*

   1. Collaborative
   2. Ability to Listen
   3. Ability to offer ideas on technical direction
   4. Team Player
   5. Desire to contribute to overall direction of project

*Will there be testing required for this role? If so, what test would you
like administered & who would you like to administer?*

Will be required to code during interview.

*Please provide three industries that would produce fitting candidates:*

   1. Large Enterprise - preferred


*Neha Kumari |* *Technical Recruiter* | *Apetan Consulting LLC*

Tel:201-620-9700* 106 | Fax: 201-526-6869 |

*Mail *: 72 van reipen ave pmb#255, Jersey City, NJ 07306 |

*Corp. Office:*  15 Union Avenue,  office # 6,  Rutherford, New Jersey
07070 |

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