If you are Interested and available for the Job, Please revert back with
latest resume, expected pay rate, availability and other details required
for submission to *n...@apetan.com <n...@apetan.com>.*

I am currently working on a *DBA role with AIG in Jersey City, NJ. *

Please send and qualified candidates *LOCAL* is preferred.

This is a *6 month contract.*

Application support and database administration support specialist Senior
Ideal candidate must be someone who was an app developer and is currently a
DBA, open to application support positions. Expect an in depth technical
Senior Technical support application specialist, this is hands on technical
position for a senior technical position r in production services within
Enterprise Risk Management.
Candidate must have 10+ years experience in database design on sqlserver
and rdbms (sybase or oRacle).
Must be very fluent in scripting languages (shell scripting, perl,)
Preferred (not required) 8+ years experience in financial services or
Very fluent with high transactional systems (eg. P&L systems, order entry
systems, trading activity systems)
Responsible for writing perl scripts to load data and provide adhoc
Expert at fine tuning queries and and optimizing reports.
Hands on design and analysis of database tables required with ability to
create jobs using Autosys and DBI modules.
Responsible for reconciling transactions received, transactions processed
and pending/resubmissions in the AIG property modeling transaction systems.
Expert at writing database procedures and writing uitilities with Unix
shell scripting.
Must have solid experience running/working with reconciliation systems,
attention to details and matching incoming requests and keeping track of
transactions completed and in error is required.
Self starter who can work with minimal direction on problem statements with
various production support personnel.
Must have demonstratable experience using Informatica and usage of ETL
The data warehouse application DBA has specialized DBA skills relating to
the administration and management of a large database with an analytical
front-end. The DBA will be focused on the care and feeding of an Oracle
RDBMS system to ensure that processing is consistent and performance is
maintained regardless of the circumstances. The DBA will be typically
responsible for establishing table structures, configuring databases,
reviewing and designing queries and execution jobs to efficiently utilize
the system, participating in the design and creation of relational database
objects such as tables, views and indexes; regular support and maintenance
tasks such as database security, recovery, backup, monitoring, and
reorganizations. Key skills include: Relevant work experience and effective
communications skills within a minimum of five years of full-time,
progressive experience with an Oracle relational database system in a DBA
role Ability to understand manage application workload and ensure
consistent response times Ability to analyze and monitor batch queries and
or ad-hoc queries across the system Communicate with the system DBA in
support of instance parameterization, instance creation, datafiles,
rollback segments and tablespaces and monitoring of instance resources to
ensure continuous database operations (disk media, CPU, memory, network and
I/O contention) Perform data warehouse administration including: Perform
storage capacity planning and related database storage activities,
including media disk space procurement Implement, maintain, and test backup
/ recovery strategies o Implement and review security guidelines/mechanisms
Create instances and databases with appropriate initialization parameters
and database structures (i.e., datafiles, rollback segments, tablespaces,
etc.) Review and monitor system and instance resources to insure continuous
database operations (i.e. memory, CPU, network usage, and I/O contention) o
Perform database upgrades/migrations o Evaluate and test new
features/functionality Create relational database objects such as tables,
views, and indexes in adherence to corporate-wide naming conventions and
assign user access accordingly Support and maintaining the environment a
relational database requires to properly function (i.e., as database
security, recovery, backup, monitoring, and reorganizations) Ensure
Referential Integrity (RI) where applicable. The application DBA will be
directly involved with the formulation and testing of the RI rules.
Participate in application performance tuning and testing Perform job
executions, including: Scheduled execution Fire-off job streams at
pre-determined times with pre-defined prerequisite conditions. Ensure that
a missed job is re-scheduled Conditional execution execute this task based
on the status of completed tasks Error alerts and job stream validation the
DBA will need to define the scope of everything that might go-wrong and
create user-exits to pause execution until important issues are resolved
Design and management of partitioning, materialized views, star schema, and
indexing techniques including Bitmap indexes Experience of working with
VLDB in the range of 3TB and over Experience with Unix Shell scripting
Participating in database migration reviews Assist application developers
in functional prototyping Providing technical assistance to other team
members and database walkthroughs in the life cycle of the project Solid
understanding of multi-dimensional data models and BI tools such as Cognos
Responsible for instance and data access statistics collection and

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