*Greetings for the day..!!*

*Hope you are doing great today.*

*Please share your open contract requirements for our consultants to *
*Srikanth@* <Srikanth@nityainc.comor>*fisecglobal.net* 
<http://fisecglobal.net/>*  call me at *925-300-1162  







*     Jaya Prakash*

*Scrummaster *

* H1*

*Open *

*    Madhukar*




*       Anil *

*    QA Manager*

* GC*

*Open *

*     Apoorva*

*Project manager*

*H1 *

* Open*

*   Shashank*




*  Nagi Reddy*

*Oracle functinal*


*Open *


*“  Email is the best way to reach me  ”*

*Srikanth@* <srika...@nityainc.com>*fisecglobal.net* 


*Note: Please ignore this email if you are not the right person*





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