*Hello ,*

Please find the below requirement and let me know your comfort ASAP

*Rate :: $35/hr on C2C(AI).*

if you are interested please share your resume with din...@saxonglobal.com

*Position :-- Qlikview Developer (3-5 years of experience) *

*Duration :--3+ month contract*

*Location:-- Milwaukee, WI.  *

*Job Summary:*

We are looking for a QlikView Developer, who  will design and develop QlikView
data models and dashboards. The ideal candidate should have experience in
building QlikViewdashboards; right from integrating data within QlikView
data modelling layer to leveraging advance set analysis expressions for data
 visualization purposes. The role requires good knowledgeof QlikView
scripting to develop QlikView data models from multiple relational &
dimensional data sources. The primary focus is of this role is designing
functional dashboards with amodern appeal.


·         Build the data logic, data models and interfaces for QlikView
dashboards with extensive use of charts, graphs, tables, expressions,
properties, tabs & layout

·         Expert use of Advanced Set Analysis, complex expressions and
multi-dimensional objects

·         Developing effective QlikView data models via QlikView scripting
and performing analysis for data profiling

·         Developing SQL scripts for data acquisition and manipulations in
SQL-compliant or other data sources

·         Developing front end applications using QlikView

·         Extract, transform and load data from multiple data sources into the
QlikView application

·         Design, build, test and debug QlikView solutions based upon
specified requirements

*Required Qualifications:*

·         Bachelor’s degree and 3+ years of experience in QlikView dashboard

·         Experience developing QlikView user interfaces: various charts,
filters, list boxes, text objects, etc.

·         Deep QVD knowledge: Understanding how QVDs work with QlikView to
provide a scalable, reusable and metadata-driven data layer

·         Experience in developing load scripts and designing effective
QlikView data models from multiple sources

·         Experience using scripts to transform data for various dashboard

·         Proficient in application development skills as well as proficient
 in multiple design techniques

·         Advanced knowledge using set analysis, expressions & variables

·         QlikView server administration experience

·         Familiarity with QlikView management console

·         Ability to develop complex SQL code required to extract data
from source

·         Strong knowledge of data warehousing concepts

·         Knowledge of Agile/Scrum methodology

·         Excellent verbal and written communication skills

·         Ability to work independently

*Preferred Qualifications:*

·         QlikView Developer Certification

·         Experience with nPrinting

·         Experience with QlikMaps

·         Experience with QlikSense

·         Experience with any ETL tools Informatica, Data Stage, SSIS, etc.

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