Please find this requirement and send me your consultant resume at
<manish.srivast...@idctechnologies.com>* and call me *408-844-3778.*

*Title: **Network Engineer*
*Duration: **6 months (Need local consultant for face to face interview)*
*Location: **Westerville, OH*

*Job Description:*
·         What Project/Projects will the candidate be working on while on
·         Merger and Acquisition activities. Resources are specific to the
·         Is this person a sole contributor or part of a team.
·         This resource will be part of a team

*Responsibilities for this position:*
·         Re-IP customer networks
·         Ensure routing is place to support connectivity
·         Documentation
·         Software tools/skills are needed to perform these daily
·         Generalist in networking
·         E-Mail, Visio, among other user productivity tools

*Skills/attributes are a must have:*
·         Technical skills in order to determine details, stage
configurations, and execute IPSec VPN migrations, Re-IP activities,
·         Skills/attributes are nice to have:
·         Soft skills to translate complex technical details to business

*Thanks and Regards*
*Manish Srivastava*
*Sr. Technical Recruiter*
*IDC Technologies, Inc.*
*408-844-3778 *

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