Ah I solved it (Thanks to the group's help leading me in the right
direction) !

It turns out that no django apps were getting the templates by
default. No templates = no css = ugly site

I'll explain what I did to help any hapless searchers who may have the
same issue (with Webfaction django-trunk 1.11 (IIRC) it seems)

(note: I called my media folder "static")
(note: If indeed you are using webfaction, your /PATH/TO/APP will be
something like /home/<user>/webapps/<application>/<django-project>)

ln -s /PATH/TO/DJANGO/contrib/admin/media /PATH/TO/APP/static/admin
ln -s /PATH/TO/DJANGO/contrib/admin/media/templates/admin  /PATH/TO/
(you could copy instead of linking these if you want)

I had to set more things in settings.py
(the end "/" is important!)
media root = /PATH/TO/APP/static/
media url = http://subdomain.whatever.com/static/
admin_media_prefix = 'http://subdomain.whatever.com/static/admin/'
template_dirs = /PATH/TO/APP/templates

FINALLY : I had to tell apache to serve up static content the way
Webfaction likes it.
(see their docs on serving static content and point the link to /PATH/
Then I had to restart apache

Finally works!

Thanks for the leads!

On Jul 7, 7:57 am, Samuel Harvey <kephnosanagen...@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 9:22 PM, Lagg<l.e.wilkow...@gmail.com> wrote:
> > I just installed Satchmo per the installation directions.
> > The store looks as advertised, but the admin area is completely
> > without style/colors/images. It looks like just basic html thrown on
> > the page. (nothing at all like the default django admin)
> > Is this the default behavior , or am I missing something?
> > Thanks in advance
> This is an issue with your Django configuration. First, make sure that
> MEDIA_ROOT in settings.py is set to your static media folder. Then, if
> you're using a UNIX-like OS:
> ln -s /PATH/TO/DJANGO/contrib/admin/media /PATH/TO/MEDIA_ROOT/admin
> If you're in Windows, you'll have to dig around some more or wait for
> someone else to give you an answer.
> Also, it's generally considered a good idea to have a separate
> lightweight webserver handling your static media. I'm using nginx and
> apache2, but I've heard of people using all sorts of combinations.
> Sam
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