Not sure if anyone is still on this list but I'll give it a shot...

I still have a customer on Satchmo (they haven't been willing to pay for a
rewrite to something else). Naturally they have had problems with old TLS
on their payments provider. I moved them to ActivePython 2.6 and the
gunicorn server that comes with it. That has TLS 1.2 and works beautifully.

But one in a while, a customer will look at his cart, hit the checkout
button, and step 1 of checkout says "your cart is empty" and it's only
obviously not. Restarting gunicorn fixes it.

I looked at the code and it stores the cart in the user session and in step
1 gets it back out. So it seems to lose it.

Anyone see this before (with or without Satchmo)? Is something with
gunicorn causing it to fall out?

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