I switched git dns over to the new server (again) this morning.
Trying not to thrash the IP address for git+ssh users too often.
Everything git core command specific looks okay for my testing.
Specifically the shallow checkouts using --depth 1 that were the
previous problem are working now.

But the cgit web server was returning a proxy error.  In order to
avoid needing to debug that on the spot I proxied it over to the old
server temporarily.  That is running okay this way for the moment.
Can debug the local native server at our leisure.

Running through the tests pointed to robots.txt not working.  (Let me
praise having tests as being a really good thing.)  Debugging that
showed nginx config behavior I had not realized.  The "location /r"
section matches /robots.txt.  I used "location = /r" to create an
explicit redirect match for it that avoided substring matches.

Everything is functioning.  Need to figure out the native cgit
problem but no one else is seeing that.

Which means I want to say that all of the version control systems from
vcs are migrated now.  (Since tla arch is hosted on download.)
Therefore I think I will set up an iptables block for other services
in order to force finding any unknown issues.


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