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Follow-up Comment #1:

The shortest answer is that those decisions were made years ago and no one
from that era is currently active with the mailing lists.  Additionally the
Savannah folks (the ones you submitted this ticket to) are not the
administrators for the mailing list archive.  Only the FSF admins have access
to the mailing list archive. So for most details such as this you would need
to ask FSF at < sysadmin AT gnu.org > for information and changes to them. For
us Savannah Hackers we just live with what the FSF has provided to us.

However my own opinion is that all of the lists may be subscribed to by
anyone. Many do. Many archive sites subscribe to the mailing lists and archive
the messages. Full archives of all of the messages are therefore easily
available elsewhere.  The archive is not of subscribers.  The archive is only
of messages from people who have posted to them.  Anyone who posts messages to
public mailing lists must expect that the public will read those messages!
Trying to hide those addresses seems a silly useless point to me. Most
messages posted will have been seen and read and archived by potentially
thousands of readers and email archives.

Because this is not a bug for simple accounting I am closing the ticket.  But
feel free to post additional comments here.  We will see them.  Or if you wish
a more natural discussion flow please write to < savannah-help-public AT
gnu.org > for a discussion list.


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