Roel Janssen wrote:
> Recently, GWL has joined GNU.

First I do not see the project listed in the maintainers file:

I am sure the new-gnu team will get to it soon.  But having that there
is a central coordination that keeps everything sane.

However I did see the mail from rms and so do know that this is simply
a technical point and not a long term block.  And so I will continue.

> Upon registering a project for GWL on
> Savannah, I noticed that there already is a project with this name:
> It looks like the project is empty, and has been since 2014.
> Is it possible to take over this page for the newly added GWL (see:

I can't see a reason not to do so.  The project was orphaned.  It has
no significant history.  I think it is reasonable for you to adopt it.

I have added you to the project.  You will need to review and update
pretty much all of the settings for the project.  And after the
maintainers file is updated then the official status for the Savannah
project can be updated.

Sound good?


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