Follow-up Comment #5, sr #109696 (project administration):

Someone compared available webbrowser side based javascript syntax

They all work on code sections in the html content wrapped by pre-tags or
combinations of pre+code-tags.

Here are some links for checking out if applicable and license. (MIT License)
<pre class="brush: js"> (MIT License)
<pre><code class="language-javascript"> (own license)
<pre><code class="language-javascript"> (Apache License 2.0)
<pre><code data-language="javascript"> (Apache License 2.0)
<pre class="prettyprint"> (LICENSE not set yet) (LICENSE not set yet)

And then there are server side parsers, which are - ummh -  special:

There is Python Pygments and PHPygments (own license)
and seems to be wide adopted according to . So a
serverside syntax highlighting is possible. Maybe not applicable due their
license or require change license needed.

My experience with GeSHi ( (GPL 2) and fork ) which is used by Dokuwiki and Flyspray:
Slow and not solid as I wish (slowiness mitigated by caching to file/database
unless origin content changes). Probably will replace it in future.


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