Follow-up Comment #3, sr #109694 (project administration):

Yea, extra themes in addition to a default theme is not important.

Netherless it is still very confusing together with the SV_THEME cookies on
both domains and
as each stores cookie in browser separate value for the duration of the


1. Clear browser cookies (or retest later without clearing them in a second
2. Login on with login to 'brother nongnu' checked box. 
3. Go straight 'My Account Conf' (watch
4. Change theme dropdown, click 'Update'. (Looks ok, it looks like savannah,
also SV_THEME of cookie changes to Savannah)
5. Follow link to the brother site, like clicking 'Get support' for going to
   BAM! The shows a different theme and SV_THME cookie of is the other theme name.
6. Click 'My Account Conf' (watch the
diiference to point 3.!)
7. Change theme dropdown to 'DarkSlate', click .Update'. (Looks like
DarkSlate, SV_THEME of cookie changed to DarkSlate)
8. Click left bottom link 'Gnu Savannah' .
   BAM! Then shows not the DarkSlate, but the Savannah

As both sites use the same database, it is IMHO not necessary to set any
SV_THEME cookie or read any SV_THEME cookie, as the information can be read
from savane user database (and probably possible without the cost of an extra
sql query because user info must be read in any case from database?)


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