Richard Stallman wrote:
> Thanks.  I finally had time to fix my /etc/hosts file.
> (I had corrected it for the new network but I didn't know
> the last byte had also changed.)

Of course it is best to use DNS for addresses but if one is going to
use an /etc/hosts file then there are going to be many entries
needed.  And they may change in the future.

The CVS repositories were split out from the rest of the collection
into a separate system.  Only the CVS repositories moved.  The rest of
the repositories remain on the previous system on the previous IP

I put together the following which I believe is representative of the
current systems at this time.  They may change in the future.  Of
course I realize that you may not be using all of the possible
combinations.  And hopefully I did not make a mistake in this
creation too.



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