> Hello,
> I would like to suggest an "upgrade" to GNU mailing list archives
> (e.g. bug/help-gnu-emacs), in form of adding two more "reply" buttons
> - "Reply to All" and "Reply to List" - next to "reply via email to
> POSTER" button.
> As an example I'll describe how it looks on Debian mailing list
> archives.  They have 3 links:
> Reply to:
> - listn...@lists.debian.org
> mailto:listn...@lists.debian.org?in-reply-to=<MESSAGE-ID@ADDRESS>
>        &subject=SUBJECT
> - POSTER (on-list)
>        &subject=SUBJECT&cc=listn...@lists.debian.org
> - POSTER (off-list)
>        &subject=SUBJECT
> First one is probably "Reply to List", 2nd - "Reply to All", 3rd -
> "Reply directly".
> While GNU archive lists have (behind button):
> <form method="post" action="/mp/yyz.py"
>  enctype="multipart/form-data">
> <input name="a" value="POSTER" type="hidden">
> <input name="b" value="SUBJECT">
> <input name="d" value="MESSAGE-ID@ADDRESS" type="hidden">
> <input name="c" value="ADDRESS" type="hidden">
> <center>reply via email to<br><input value=" NAME " type="submit">
> </center>
> </form>
> I'm guessing that names 'a' and 'c' forms POSTER@ADDRESS.  Also this
> seems to be the same as "POSTER (off-list)" in Debian mailing list, so
> we are missing "Reply to All" and "Reply to List" options.
> I think you should add at least second button, i.e. "POSTER (on-list)"
> / "Reply to All" - perhaps with different name, because as far as
> I know preferred method of replying is "Reply to All" rather than
> "Reply to List".
> This would be useful especially for those who don't know, how to use
> mailing list and just want to submit a bug report or ask for help.
> While sending first message is simple, if someone wants to reply to
> message, only "Reply directly" is available through mailing list
> archive.  Also rarely someone wants to subscribe and receive dozens of
> messages daily, just to be able to reply without breaking thread.  So
> it would make things easier.
> S. U.

I think this is a great idea. I'm happy to work on it at some point, but
I should have mentioned earlier, as part of the recent mailman upgrades,
I cleaned up all the mharc/mhonarc stuff so that savannah hackers could
make changes on your own. The template for the change you want to make
is in mharc or mhonarc, probably mharc. You can change mharc on your
own, its in a git repo. git clone g...@vcs.fsf.org:mhonarc.git . Mhonarc
is a debian package, so that will need fsf sysadmin help. Also, once you
make the change, to apply to all the existing lists, best if I help,
because its a bit tricky. You can test changes on a dev server, ssh
mhon...@lists.dev.fsf.org aka lists2d.fsf.org. Any changes made to the
git repo will be automatically pullled at 11 am each day on all the
mailman servers. savannah hackers have access to echo
{lists,mharc}@{lists2d.fsf,lists.gnu}.org . If your key doesn't work it
just means I didn't get the right one or haven't set it up properly. If
anything, if you just do little greping around mharc/mhonarc to try to
find the right template to change, that will help.

Ian Kelling | Senior Systems Administrator, Free Software Foundation
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