me and my colleagues want to register a PHP module, for the Dolibarr
suite, under GNU Savannah, but we need some help.

- Dolibarr CRM is licensed under the GPLv3+ license.
- Our module has been developed using the template provided by
modulebuilder module, licensed also under the GPLv3+ license.
- we'd love to license our module under the AGPLV3+.


is possible to license our code done as AGPLV3+ over the skeleton module
is possible to license a PHP portion of code under the AGPLV3+, as this
module is going to inter-operate with the Dolibarr program? (licensed
under GPLV3+)
also, it's object oriented and a little bit more complex than a webpage
(several source code files, translations, etc.), Can we try to register
it in GNU Savannah?


dolibarr source code under github:

dolibarr template modulebuilder module under github:

our temporary source code, to improve it's licensing, readme, etc. at
the moment sadly under bitbucket:


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