Follow-up Comment #6, task #15352 (project administration):

[comment #5 comment #5:]
> Files like .gitignore and src/exit.dat still have no notices; also, many
files in your tarball say they are GPLv2+ rather than GPLv3+, and have an
obsolete address of the FSF. I recommend using the form of the notice from the
GPL HowTo <>.

OK.  We will modify the notices accordingly and make a modified tar file later

> > Others have been excluded in the tar.gz file.
> As far as I can see, you excluded files like 'configure'.  This is wrong,
because your package needs them.

This isn't "wrong" since the software currently builds by running the "build"
script which is included in the tar file.  This, as you can see, generates the
"configure" file.  Currently this is our preferred mode of building the
software.  I hope Savannah does not impose restrictions on how to build the
program from the source code.


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