Hello, Pandya.

I did this:

- opened the page you told us

- since it is the Hindi translator for a project, with a link to (I assume) this project, I opened that page: "GNU Web Translation Coordination", https://savannah.gnu.org/projects/trans-coord

- in that page there is some information that should be useful for you

- there is also the link for the project homepage, with even more info (some of it repeated, but does not matter, it makes sense to be there): http://www.gnu.org/software/trans-coord/

I suggest that you read these pages. And my next step, if I was you, would be to join the best mailing list to ask about the contribution you aim to make.

See you around!


Em 01-12-2016 15:20, D.P.Pandya escreveu:
Hello. I've recently registered on savannah.gnu.org

I'm in touch with Philosophy of GNU project for two years and want to (or say 
can) help/contribute to the following project:


How do I join that group/project and start contributing?


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