First of al thanks for creating this great software.
We use it on a daily basis and it its very useful.

We are planning to implement some new features and therefor we have some questions.

On our website livesets.com DJ's from around the world can connect and broadcast a live DJ set.

We would like to add extra functionality in the form of a radio station.
What we are planning is to create a radio station that streams music 24/7, 356, let's name it "Livesets radio" (not sure about the name yet).

The idea is that all DJ's on the platform can sign in to available time slots in the schedule of the newly to create station. This will be done in a schedule module that will be added to the website. All DJ's can apply to empty slots of at least one hour.

On the time they are scheduled in, their personal live stream (mount point) must be picked up by liquidsoap so that it will be broadcasted on "Livesets radio".

When the user is not playing at the scheduled time, a previously recorded liveset of that user must be played instead.

This is an ongoing process and it will continue 356 days per year.
At given moments we would like to add advertisements and / or jingles.
These are also dynamic and it would be nice to make these country specific.
So people in Germany will hear them in german and in Holland in Dutch, etc.

We have found a great deal of information on:

But we are missing some extra configuration examples for the following:

1. Each user already has his own iceast mountpoint on one of our broadcast servwers. We would like to use these url's and route the to the "Livesets radio" mount point at the time they are scheduled. In this case they do not need to change anything and they just broadcast as always. Very user friendly.

2. The schedule changes every day. How can we implement a "dynamic schedule" with Liquidsoap?

3. How can we feed advertisements to Liquidsoap based on the country.

If someone could advise us to help us on our way or if someone in the community has some examples they will be very welcome. (The platform is written in PHP.)

Thanks in advanced for any suggestions.

Best regards,

Sven Wayers


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