Hello again,

Our server admin already set up the liquidsoap daemon with 2 scripts,
but I still can't wrap my head around how the 2 separate streams
(playlists) have to be set up.

I first tried 2 different ports (8000 and 8080) in the output.icecast
configuration and also added

>     <listen-socket>
>         <port>8080</port>
>     </listen-socket>

in icecast.xml, but if I go to ourserver.fm:8080 it says "This page
isn't available".

I also tried to use the same port in both .liq configurations with
differently named mount points, but then ourserver.fm:8000 still only
shows 2 mounts (64 and 128) as was already the case.

Any ideas what I might be missing/misunderstanding here?


On 07.03.18 10:54, Nanda Kishor wrote:
> Thanks for the pointer, will give the liquidsoap daemon a try.
> On 05.03.18 22:00, neralex wrote:
>> Hi,
>> use it as deamon, so you are able to run multiple liq-scripts on the
>> same box. You can get it also via OPAM.
>> https://github.com/savonet/liquidsoap-daemon
>> Cheers

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