Le 16/04/2018 à 12:19, Romain Beauxis a écrit :
> Hi Gilou!
>> I ran in a similar situation, where I just wanted liq not to play
>> something it already played... So I hacked and used the log that tells
>> "Finished with...", as I have a rotation in place to move the logs.
>> It's probably not too hard to add a restriction on date/hour while
>> browsing the log though.
> Could on_end work for your use-case?

Hey Romain!

How do you mean?
Using it to spit infos about the finished tracks?
I didn't think about it and got it working using the log and
check_next.. but it could help indeed, especially if I need more than
just the filename...
But then a "simple" playlist might not be enough anymore either :)


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