> Hi Willy, thanks for reply.
> Running sbopkg -R -k -i "aMule:WEBSERVER=yes" didn't work,
> sbopkg still doesn't show the queue.
> sbopkg -i "aMule:WEBSERVER=yes" didn't work too.
> (without -k since the packages are already installed)
> There are other quote combinations that 'sbopkg -h' shows,
> but I don't know if they are working.
> I would run something like
> sbopkg '-i wxPython cryptopp aMule:WEBSERVER=yes'
> to build aMule with some build option, but sbopkg returns
> everything else after wxPython as build options to wxPython.
> --------------
> sbopkg '-i wxPython cryptopp aMule:WEBSERVER=yes'
> One or more build option files for the wxPython
> SlackBuild script were found:
> Command line options: cryptopp aMule WEBSERVER="yes"
> Use (N)one, (C)ommand line options, or (A)bort?: a


i finally found the problem
If you look at the code at these lines

sbopkg will only execute one of them, either build option, saved option,
or queue, but not all or two of them.

For now, i have raised an issue to prevent it to be forgotten

any help is appreciated :)

Willy Sudiarto Raharjo

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