der Mouse wrote:

>All that a "better" language will bring you in this regard is that it
>will (a) push the sloppiness into places the compiler can't check and
>(b) change the ways things break when confronted with input beyond the
>design underlying their code.

My car has a tether connected to the gas cap.  This prevents
me from leaving the cap on top of my car when I drive away.

My car won't let me lock my doors unless I'm outside of the
car holding my keys.  This makes it much more difficult to
lock my keys in the car.  Yes, I've given up some control,
but the trade-off is worth it, in my opinion.

These features mitigate the harm my absentmindedness can
lead to.  I'm still absentminded.  I can still leave my
sunroof open (I did, and, yes, it rained).   Even so, I'm
glad those features are there.


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