Likewise for the IBM Mainframe operating systems MVS,OS/390,z/OS - much of
which is written in (I believe) PL/M - a dialect much like PL/1.

Many of our Operating Systems seem to have evolved out of the old DEC RSTS
system.  For example, CP/M had a PIP command.  Later renamed to COPY in DOS.

UNIX had a hierarchical file structure.  DOS inherited this feature early

When you've been around for a while, you start to see the same features
converge..  UNIX had quotas, we got Quotas with Win XP Server (well earlier,
when you include the third party ISVs - as an add on).  IBM had Language
Environment (LE) before .NET come along.  

It all sort of runs together over time - it seems.

Mike Hines
Michael S Hines

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