Hi all,

Back from a few days in Budapest at the annual FIRST conference (see 
http://www.first.org if you're interested).

FYI -- I did my best to keep the submissions flowing while I was away, but my 
only tools were a Sony Clie UX50 PDA over GPRS/GSM via Bluetooth to my 
Ericsson T39m GSM phone.   It was the first time that I tried to do my list 
moderating via a PDA.  It didn't work perfectly, as I see a couple of 
submissions got munged (feel free to re-submit anything that didn't go out 
cleanly, with my apologies), but for the most part it worked pretty well.  

It sure was an interesting/exhilerating/strange feeling to be able to 
send/receive email while buzzing across the Hungarian, Austrian, and German 
countryside in a train.

Anyway, it's good to be back.  My basset hounds sure appreciate it, anyway.  
Other than the usual spam that the list received, the submission queue is 
looking pretty empty.  Feel free to change that.


Ken van Wyk
KRvW Associates, LLC

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