David Crocker wrote...

> There is a tendency to regard every programming problem as an
> O-O problem.  Sometime last year I read a thread on some
> programming newsgroup in which contributors argued about the
> correct way to write a truly O-O "Hello world" program. All
> the solutions provided were cumbersome compared to the traditional
> "printf("Hello, world!")" solution. The point is, printing
> "Hello, world!" is not an O-O problem!

Amen to that! I made similar remarks in the 'comp.compiler' and
'comp.object' USENET newsgroups as far back as 1991 (see for
example [URL probably will wrap] ...

I also muttered similar things within the Bell Labs community
much earlier than that during a time that C++ was first gaining momentum.

I'm of the belief that one should use the appropriate programming paradigm
that best fits the problem at hand. Contrary to how some may feel, I
strongly believe that does NOT mean that the best solution is always
an OO approach. Unfortunately, when all you have is a hammer...
[Note: In general, I'm a fan of OO--where and when appropriate.]

But this is getting way-off topic, so I'll cease my ranting.
(About time he shuts up! ;-)
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