Do you think it is possible to enumerate all the ways all vulnerabilities
can be created?  Is the set of all possible exploitable programming mistakes

I would think that what makes it possible to talk about design patterns and
attack patterns is that they reflect intentional actions towards "desirable"
(for the perpetrator) goals, and the set of desirable goals is bounded at
any given time (assuming infinite time then perhaps it is not bounded).
However, once commonly repeated mistakes have been described and taken into
account, I have a feeling that attempting to enumerate all other possible
mistakes (leading to exploitable vulnerabilities), for example with the goal
of producing a complete taxonomy, classification and theory of
vulnerabilities, is not possible.  All we can hope is to come reasonably
close and produce something useful, but not theoretically strong and closed.

This should have consequences for source code vulnerability analysis
software.  It should make it impossible to write software that detects all
of the mistakes themselves.  Is it enough to look for violations of some
invariants (rules) without knowing how they happened?

Any thoughts on this?  Any references to relevant theories of failures and
errors, or to explorations of this or similar ideas, would be welcome.  Of
course, Albert Einstein's quote on the difference between genius and
stupidity comes to mind :).

Pascal Meunier

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