Greetings SC-L,

It's been a busy couple of days here on SC-L.  The bumper sticker  
thread, in particular, has obviously generated a *lot* of (useful and  
interesting) discussion.  While I'm reluctant to stop legitimate and  
open debate of opinions, I think that it's fair to say that this  
thread has pretty much run its course.  As such, I'm going to be  
increasingly diligent in rejecting submissions to it that don't carry  
the debate further.  I'd like to ask for everyone's support in  
helping this thread die its natural death and move on to other subjects.

So, to those that want to continue the thread, be prepared to prove  
to me with each message that your message(s) deserves to be approved  
for distribution to the list, please.



Kenneth Van Wyk
SC-L Moderator
KRvW Associates, LLC

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