Ed Felten and I found out early on (back in 1996) that you can use the
press as a lever to get companies to do the right thing.  We learned
this when releasing the very first Java Security hole.  We found out
that Sun paid much more attention once USA Today picked up the story
from comp.risks.

Later, we could disclose the problems responsibly, keeping a short leash
on Microsoft, Netscape, and Sun without ever resorting to FULL
disclosure.  Our goal was to get the problems fixed with no nonsense.
The companies also allowed the press to be responsibly involved.

We discussed all of the problems we found in our books "Java Security"
and "Securing Java", but without ever releasing code for the exploits. 


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Gary McGraw wrote:
> The main thing I wonder is, what do you think?  When you have a hot
> demonstration of an exploit, how do you responsibly release it?  What
> role do such demonstrations play in moving software security forward?

To pick one extreme, I believe there are times when intentionally 
blindsiding a vendor is appropriate:


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