Integration of some of the static techniques found in tools like fortify into 
compilers does make sense.  However, not all of the kinds of things should be 
put in the compiler (how many coders do you know that use the -Wall??!).  So 
one use case for some of the knowledge would be compiler enforcement.  Note 
that compilers are notorious for computing and then throwing out many things 
statically.  They are designed to get their transformation business done, not 
to do real analysis.

Still other things should be worked directly into the languages.  C and C++ 
suck for security.

And most importantly, rules tailored directly to the enterprise situation at 
hand require a platform like fortify.  At cigital we have developed sets of 
custom rules for customers with great results.  This cuts down false positives 
and makes it possible to enforce guidelines and standards that make sense for 
the business (think J2EE here).

Bottom line...we need it all, and we need it now.


P.S. Ken's course was co-designed by me and is based on my book.  You might 
pick up a copy.


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I have been noodling the problem space of secure coding after attending a 
wonderful class taught by Ken Van Wyk. I have been casually checking out 
Fortify, Ounce Labs, etc and have a thought that this stuff should really be 
part of the compiler and not a standalone product. Understanding that folks do 
start companies to make up deficiencies in what large vendors ignore, how far 
off base in my thinking am I?

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