Thanks for the explanation of mkdtemp().  I got confused reading the man
page because I wasn't expecting the function to return char *, but I
guess that makes sense.
> I wish that the C standard body would update the C library and add
> an "exclusive create" capability for fopen(), so that languages
> that build on fopen() can do so.
Have you looked at TR 24731-1?  The latest revision is n119 at

Section defines the fopen_s function.  I am planning on
submitting a DR against this TR to add an exclusive create capability.

There are also some new tmpfile_s() and tmpnam_s() functions although I
have some issues with these as well.
> This doesn't work on at least old versions of NFS reliably,
> unfortunately.  I believe that's been fixed, but I have not
> verified that.
I also believe that it was fixed (in Version 3).


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