hi sc-l,

Greg Hoglund and I are releasing our new book "Exploiting Online Games" today.  
Lots of information on the book can be found here 
http://exploitingonlinegames.com, including a foreword by Ed Felten, the usual 
blurbs, and a complete preface that explains the structure of the book.

Greg and I did a Silver Bullet episode that we released last night.  Greg is an 
interesting guy, with deep knowledge of rootkits, decompilers, and low level 
security exploits.  We talked about that, and we talked a little about EOG

The most interesting thing to me about EOG is that I believe the kinds of time 
and state errors found in MMORPGs like World of Warcraft are indicators of what 
we can expect over the next decade as SOA actually catches on.  You see, moving 
around state between gazillions of clients and a central server in real time is 
a huge security challenge.  Most software people screw it up.  Darkreading 
wrote a little story about this last night: 

The book is packed with real code, hard core examples, and things you can try 
yourself.  Give it a spin!


p.s. For some reason, amazon is a bit behind the curve for the launch and you 
can only pre-order.  More on that when it gets cleared up.

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