We have finally locked in the dates and exact location of the Fall OWASP
conference. The next OWASP U.S. conference will be held at 2211 North First
Street in San Jose, CA at eBay Nov 12-15, 2007.  Registration for this
conference should open sometime mid to late August.


This conference will have two days of tutorials (Mon-Tue - Nov 12-13)
followed by a two day conference (Wed-Thur - Nov 14-15). The conference will
have 3 tracks on the first day instead of 2. The 3rd track will be focused
on Web Services Security which is a new area for OWASP.


The conference will also include a technology expo for the first time, where
vendors of application security products can bring in their wares and their
technical folks as well to explain the merits of their technologies in the
fight against insecure software.


If you are interested in speaking at this conference on a Web Services
Security topic, please contact Gunnar Peterson, who is organizing that
track. (gunnar 'at' arctecgroup.net).


If you are interested in speaking at this conference on a non-web services
security topic, please contact me.


If you are interested in exhibiting your technology at this conference,
please contact Pravir Chandra (chandra 'at' list.org), and cc me.


Thanks, Dave


Dave Wichers

OWASP Conferences Chair

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