Many folks have talked about certification of individuals but is there
merit in noodling the notion of a security maturity model? What if
end-customers could rank their software vendors in a transparent manner
in the same way that outsourcing firms pursue CMMi? 

The notion of third-party assessors that determine this form of
certification could be supplemental revenue for those who are employed
by consulting firms. Could be similar to SCRUMAlliance certification if
you prefer something lighter weight.

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At 2:03 AM +0100 7/26/07, Dinis Cruz wrote:
> It's a simple economics problem. The moment these companies and 
>developers lose sales (or market share) because their products require 
>admin / root privileges to run, is the moment they start to REALLY 
>support it.

For Windows that day might be when they have to run under the new US
federal government standard Windows configuration, due out any month
Larry Kilgallen

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