Most recently, we have met with a variety of vendors including but not
limited to: Coverity, Ounce Labs, Fortify, Klocwork, HP and so on. In
the conversation they all used interesting phrases to describe they
classify their competitors value proposition. At some level, this has
managed to confuse me and I would love if someone could provide a way to
think about this in a more boolean way.

- So when a vendor says that they are focused on quality and not
security, and vice versa what exactly does this mean? I don't have a
great mental model of something that is a security concern that isn't a
predictor of quality. Likewise, in terms of quality, other than
producing metrics on things such as depth of inheritance, cyclomatic
complexity, etc wouldn't bad numbers here at least be a predictor of a
bad design and therefore warrant deeper inspection from a security

- Even if the rationale is more about people focus rather than tool
capability, is there anything else that would prevent one tool from
serving both purposes?

- Is it reasonable to expect that all of the vendors in this space will
have the ability to support COBOL, Ruby and Smalltalk sometime next year
so that customers don't have to specifically request it?

- Do the underlying compilers need to do something different since
languages such as COBOL aren't object-oriented which would make analysis
a bit different?

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