hi sc-l,

I started thinking about web 3.0 (sometimes called the "semantic web") around 
RSA to prep for a video shoot that the CNBC was doing.  Brian Sletten helped 
bring me up to speed in a series of conversations about what's going on 
technically.  Not much is available yet on the security front.  I aim to fix 
that.  Anyway, the result of that thinking is this month's article in my 
[in]security column:


As part of the switch from darkreading to informIT, informIT is also 
syndicating Silver Bullet, which can be found on their website here:  
Note that the preferred Silver Bullet website remains 

What's your opinion about web 3.0 security?  Is it too early to care?  Are we 
already behind?

I'm off to Ghent for OWASP Europe to give a keynote about the state of the 
practice.  Perhaps I will see some of you there.


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