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As some of you may know, selected Silver Bullet episodes are published in IEEE 
Security & privacy magazine as the "interview" column.  We recently placed the 
entire set of available transcripts on the Silver Bullet web page as pdf files. 
 As an example, USA Today reporter Jon Swartz's interview is featured in the 
May/June issue and can be found here:


Also available are transcripts of Silver Bullet interviews with: Ed Amoroso, 
Cigital's Principal Consultants, Mikko Hypponen, Spaf, Annie Anton,  Ross 
Anderson, Becky Bace, Dorothy Denning, John Stewart, Ed Felten, Marcus Ranum, 
and Avi Rubin.

Thanks as always for listening to Silver Bullet.  Don't forget to suggest 
possible victims, er I mean experts who you would like to hear from.  Silver 
Bullet is co-sponsored by Cigital and IEEE Security & Privacy magazine and is 
syndicated by informIT.


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