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At RSA this year, I did a quick video interview with Dennis Fisher an old 
friend who is now the lead editor of Search Security.  The resulting video is 


Here are the questions I answered during the interview (along with some bonus 
pointers that I'll include in this posting).  As you can see, we mostly talked 
about software security

* Let's talk about where things stand with the state of software security in 
the industry today. Are you optimistic?

* I've heard a lot of people say that solving the software security problem is 
going to cost a lot of time and money in the development process. Is that true?

See this informIT article: 

* I know there's a lot of training that goes on in the professional world in 
terms of software security for developers, but is that happening more in 
colleges and universities right now compared to five years ago?

See this IT Architect article: 

* What about the commercial software vendors. How much progress are they making 
on this problem?

* Are there one or two problems that really worry you in software security 
right now?

See this IEEE S&P article: 

If you like this video, please let the Search Security people know so they feel 
compelled to do more.


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