Paco Hope <> wrote:

> just as overly-simplistic as
> someone who disparages all credentials equally.

On that note... my company (BAE Systems) has been pushing for people
to become CISSPs, because in turn the main client (US gov) has been
pushing for contractors to have a bunch of CISSPs on the projects.
But, it seems as though that cert is very heavily loaded down with
things that front-line grunts like me will NEVER use.  I doubt I'll
ever get to decide where a data center is located, let alone the
entire building, nor what kind of fire detection/suppression or
physical security systems it has, and I can probably forget about
dictating HR policy as well.

So, I was considering other certs, that seem much more relevant.  The
main relevant one I've heard of is the GSSP (GIAC Secure Software

1) What do y'all think of that one?

2) It looked to me as though, other than perhaps from buying books,
there is one and only one GSSP practice exam, and it can be taken only
once.  Am I wrong?  Do you know of any others available for free,
preferably to be taken online?

3) Have you heard of any other certs relevant for those of us who
mainly design and implement computer-based systems, which will usually
undergo security scrutiny, and usually have little to no say about all
the other stuff around it?  (Preferably not technology-specific, as
opposed to for example a "Secure Java" or "Secure Web-Apps" cert.)
Compare and contrast, as the teachers would say....


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