Dana Epp wrote:
> Not sure that would work either though.


My comment was meant tongue-in-cheek. Guess I used the wrong
emoticon. Figured that ';-)' would work 'cuz I never can remember
the one for "tongue-in-cheek". I've seen several variations of the

        :-?     :-Q     :-J     -)

Take your pick. Good in depth analysis though. Seriously. And I
agree with you completely.

In my experience as an adjunct faculty member teaching a master's
level Computer Security course (based in part on the McGraw/Viega book
as well as Ross Anderson's _Security Engineering_) for 6 yrs, I came to the
conclusion that multiple guess (as I call them) alone only proves
how well someone memorizes something, at best, or how clueless people
are (if they get incorrect answers) at worst. I would argue that
most of academia it is unsuited for discerning cluefulness the the
real world. Over the course of 30+ yrs in IT (yes, I am an old fart!),
I've seen all too many people that exceled in academia but were miserable
disappointments in industry.  In fact, to that end, quality guru Demming
is rumored to have said about (then) AT&T Bell Labs:
        "Bell Labs only hires the top 10% of graduatesc...and they
        deserve what they get!"

There is no substitute for real experience.

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