Greetings SC-L folks,

I thought some of you might find our project announcement (below) interesting. 
If you're an iOS developer or know any iOS developers, I'd like to encourage 
you to check out the OWASP iGoat project. It's modeled after its namesake, 
WebGoat, and is intended to be a tool for iOS developers to learn about the 
major security pitfalls when developing on iOS.

FYI, we released iGoat version 1.2 yesterday. The primary change over 1.1 is 
the addition of a new keychain exercise, contributed by a newcomer to the team, 
Mansi Sheth.

Thanks Mansi and Sean for pulling this together.

It's great to see some external participation on the project, of course. We'd 
love to see more -- any time!


Ken van Wyk
iGoat Project Leader

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