Hey folks,

I've got a question about serialization of internal Job vals (not the 
values passed in the pipe). Consider this simple example:

class MyJob(args: Args) extends Job(args) {
   val myFilter = new MyFilterClass(...)

   val pipe = ... //read statement
      .filter (myFilter.apply)

class MyFilterClass(some data required for filtering) { ... }

My understanding is that myFilter will only be initialized once and then 
serialized and passed to all subsequent workers and if scalding does not 
know how to serialize this object the job will fail, is this correct? 
MyFilterClass is a regular scala class (not a case class) and I did not do 
anything special to make it serializable and the job runs fine. Does 
scalding know by default how to serialize all scala objects without any 
effort from me in the code or does it silently call constructor every time?


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