Hi Amit,

I did see your whitelist request come through.  This message means that our 
whitelisting database does not yet have your Installation ID in place as we 
are still processing the whitelist request.

You will receive a confirmation email soon once this has been completed on 
our end.  Let us know if issues persist after you have received the 
confirmation email.

Many thanks,
Wm. Marc O'Brien
Scalr Technical Support

On Tuesday, September 20, 2016 at 12:07:40 PM UTC-6, Amit Saini wrote:
> Hi Marc
> *I got the following error while Sync Shared Roles*
> amit@amit-virtual-machine:~$ sudo /opt/scalr-server/embedded/
> bin/php /opt/scalr-server/embedded/scalr/app/tools/sync_shared_roles.php
> [sudo] password for amit: 
> Unable to import shared roles: Unrecognized setup: update denied. Please 
> use this form http://hub.am/1fDAc2B to be 
> whitelisted.amit@amit-virtual-machine:~$
> Regards 
> Amit Saini

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