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!/bin/bash\n\nset -o errexit\nset -o nounset\n\nif [ -z 
\"${CRANE_FILE_URL}\" ]; then\n  echo \"ERROR: The CRANE_FILE_URL Global 
Variable must be provided\"\n  exit 1\nfi\n\n# Deploy files in 
\"${CRANE_FILE_URL}\")\n\n# Actually do the work!\nmkdir -p -- 
\"${CRANE_DIR}\"\ncd -- \"${CRANE_DIR}\"\ncurl --fail --location --silent 
--remote-name \"${CRANE_FILE_URL}\"\n\n# Finally, launch crane\ncrane lift 
2017-08-04 22:47:11,272+00:00 - ERROR - scalarizr.ops.system.init - 
Operation "system.init" (id: fd726e63-132a-4a54-ab70-21a63680fa52) failed. 
Reason: Command 
exited with code 3 

Looking at the docs, these are several years old.  What about 
docker-compose and Scalr?  Would rather go that route than Crane anyhow 
(but would take whatever works at this point).  Any tutorials or tips?

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