pgeorges wrote:
> Hi,
> I requested the take over of Scid at sourceforge. I will see if this 
> works (Scid is already flagged as APT = Abandoned Project Takeover)
> I did it because latest downloadable files are from 2004 and Shane and 
> admins are unavailable, except martin skjoldebrand that seems really 
> busy and/or without computer access.
> Then I will finally have write access to CVS !

My personal opinion is that it is inappropriate to do that. Obviously 
I'm aware or Shanes lack of releases in recent years, but the web site 
was updated less than a year ago.

I thought about the same thing myself some time back, and even posted 
the thought on this list, but having thought about it more, decided it 
was not best.

There has been several comments on the mailing list about Shane not 
liking people meddling with his code. Given the code is GPL'ed, he 
really should not object, but I believe he has done. So I can't help but 
feel he would object to someone taking over the web site, writing to 
CVS, making file releases etc.

I guess others will have a view, but for what it worth, that is mine.


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