Fulvio <f...@libero.it> writes:

> bind $w <comma> {
>          eval [excludeTextWidget %W]
>          set ::showGameInfo [expr {! $::showGameInfo}]
>          ::toggleGameInfo
>          break
> }
> The "eval [...." line disable the shortcut for text widgets (without 
> this line, writing a comment with a comma will rotate the board for example)
> The "set ::showGameInfo ..." line toggle the status (visible or not) of 
> the GameInfo window
> The "::toggleGameInfo" line show (or hide) the GameInfo window 
> (misleading function name indeed)
> The "break" line signal that the user input has been processed and 
> should not be sent to parent windows.

thanks a lot. Above all for the explanation!

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