Ok... Ozkan and i have uploaded 4.18.1 packages. Hopefully they are ok.
But if you don't  'browse' games from the Tree->Best-Games window, you can
probably give this point release a miss, as the pgn import fix is also
fairly minor. There is no changelog for it, just a note in the news
section. I have also put our read-me up at Sourceforge. It is not linked to
from any other page, but maybe useful for some people.
*  http://scidvspc.sourceforge.net/README.html
I'm pretty confident Arie's problem will also be fixed.

Something of note i haven't mentioned before is a project that Kayvan
Sylvan has been working on.
It is interesting, if somewhat complicated, technology that provides
cross-platform project bundles (including all linked libraries) allowing
projects to run sandboxed, and independant of operating systems.
His project page is at
*  https://github.com/ksylvan/scidvspc
and the main Docker page is at
*  https://docs.docker.com/ <https://docs.docker.com/>*
Anyone who wants the best performance from ScidvsPC on a Mac should look at
his project and perhaps email him.

cheers, Steven
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